X Genesis and 10.10.10 created and convened the first 10.10.10 program in 2015. We’ve now completed six programs, six cohorts of 10 experienced entrepreneurs each.

In the coming days, I plan to introduce some of these entrepreneurs, amazing people, every one of them. Here is a list of entrepreneurs who have created new ventures related to their participation in one of 10.10.10’s programs:

Cheryl Kellond, Co-founder and CEO, Apostrophe Health.

Frank Ricotta, Founder and CEO, BurstIQ.

Spencer Hutchins, Founder and CEO, Concert Health.

Ari Kaufman, Founder and CEO, Spout.

Ben Wright, Founder and CEO, Upsuite.

Ashish Mudgal, Founder and CEO, Hey Herbie

Bryon Bhagwandin, Founder and CEO, Recalibrate Solutions

Rashmi Joshi, Founder and CEO, Asha AI

Sean Kennedy, Founder and CEO, Legacy Foundry

William Tara, Founder and CEO, Cowella