My New Site & Blog

Here’s what I’m going to do.

This is my new site

I’ll write about things I’m reading, learning, experiencing. People I’m impressed by. Stuff I don’t understand. Stuff I’m worried about. Stuff that makes me happy. Stuff that makes me sad.

Following Maria Popova’s lead, nearly every link in these blog posts will be links to other posts on the site. As I wrote elsewhere:

Maria does something unique with the links that she sprinkles, liberally in her posts. Nearly every one of her linkS takes the reader to another post. What this means may not be obvious until you think about it a bit. Suppose she’s writing a post that calls attention to the genius of Miles Davis and makes a reference to his early days as a musician with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. While other writers – including me – might insert a link that references a story about how Miles first came to meet Charlie Parker or Diz, Maria would do something very different. She would instead link to another blog post she had written about how the famous musicians came to meet. In this way every one of her posts contains numerous additional links to the other posts she’s written. Her posts are actually networks of links to her curiosity, thinking, learning and writing.

To illustrate this, I might write a post that calls attention to Maria’s recent book, Figuring, and her thoughts about Johannes Kepler, Maria Mitchell, Ralph Waldo Emerson and others. And I might point out that she learned the correct pronunciation of Maria Mitchell’s name from James Gleick. My usual practice in a post like this would be to create a link to the place I found that information. But making MP’s approach my own, I might instead write several posts that reference one another. One of them, my post about Figuring, would examine MP’s nonlinear, non chronological way of weaving together people, thoughts, writing, events and discoveries. It might also include a link to Gleick with a reference to a separate blog post I write about him, his writing (Chaos, Time, etc.), his connection to MP and his take on Maria Mitchell. And in the piece about Gleick, I could also reference Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time and link in that to another post about our understanding of time which incorporates a reference to “A New Refutation of Time: Borges on the Most Paradoxical Dimension of Existence – Brain Pickings,” another of MP’s posts, and a link to the post on Figures.

The effect of this approach is to create a body of incredibly wide ranging but interconnected material. It can always pull in new people, thoughts, materials, writings.

I’ll call attention to X Genesis, 10.10.10, and GSSN and Techstars – things that I support and that have supported me.

I’ll also give attention to founders and entrepreneurs I’ve met, worked with or become impressed by.